Discover the History of Humanity with UOW Archaeology - New for 2017

Archaeology is the study of the material remains and traces of past human activities to understand the history of human societies and their relationships with the landscapes and environments in which they lived. By taking Archaeology at UOW as your Minor, you will be introduced to an exciting world of prehistory and ancient civilisations, learn how archaeologists recover, analyse and interpret archaeological evidence, and understand how humans have adapted to the ever-changing climates and environments that our ancestors experienced.

As an interdisciplinary field that incorporates the humanities, arts, sciences and social sciences, archaeology will equip you with important skills in problem-solving and in synthesising diverse forms of information—skills that are transferable to a broad range of careers across academia, government, industry and the private sector.
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Archaeology at UOW

The Archaeology Minor at UOW provides an opportunity to undertake practical field exercises in archaeological survey and excavations, as well as laboratory projects involving the classification and analysis of ancient artefacts and other remains, such as animal bones and shells. You will create stone tools and shell beads using traditional methods, engage with practical exercises on aspects of ancient calligraphy, ancient Greek artists and rock paintings, and participate in debates on ‘Big Questions’ in Archaeology—such as ‘what makes us human?’—and on how Archaeology is depicted in the popular media through movie characters such as Indiana Jones.

Should you wish to get more information about this course or any of the subjects please contact Dr Ania Kotarba-Morley (amorley@uow.edu.au) or Dr Sam Lin (samlin@uow.edu.au).
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  • ARCH101 (Archaeology of Australasia: Discovering Downunder)
  • ARCH102 (Big Questions in Archaeology)
  • ARCH201 (Archaeology in Action)
  • ARCH202 (World Archaeology)
  • EESC309 (Dung, Death and Decay: Techniques in Archaeological Science)

UOW Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

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Last reviewed: 20 October, 2017