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2017 Seminar Schedule

Date: Friday, 2 June
Time:  tba
Venue: tba
Presenter: Shawn Ross. FAIMS Project
Title: tba

Seminars have been tentatively scheduled for the following dates:  

  • 9 June- Alan Williams, Extend Heritage, Puntutjarpa rock shelter revisited: A chronological and stratigraphic reappraisal of a key archaeological sequence for the Western Desert, Australia     
Past Seminars 2016

28 Oct: Dr Duncan Wright
13 Oct: Justin Ledogar
23 Sept: Conor McAdamsYujie Guo
18 Aug: Professor Shari Forbes
5 Aug: Dr James Flexner
21 July: Dr Ben Marwick
9 June: Dr Robyn Inglis
27 May: Dr. Alison Crowther
26 May: Professor Bernard A. Wood
12 May: Dr. Sam Lin
4 Feb: Professor Lyn Wadley