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2018 Seminar Schedule

Details of future seminars will be posted as they become available.

Past Seminars 2017

1 December: Dr Patrick Schmidt
Recent trends in the study of Silcrete heat treatment

3 November: Tanya Smith
How teeth shed light on our evolutionary past [PDF] 

27 October: Dr Amy Way
Event-based analysis: Identifying and sequencing behavioural events in mixed stone artefact assemblages.  An example from Lake George, Australia

22 September: Dr Robin Torrence
Finding indigenous agency through archaeological research on ethnographic museum collections from Papua New Guinea [PDF]

25 August: Dr Dorit Siven
Sea levels of Israel, east Mediterranean, in two highstand periods; MIS5.5 and the Holocene, using different proxies [PDF]

11 August: Dr Mike Morley
Geoarchaeological Investigations in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho [PDF]

28 July: Aaron Fogel
The Application of Geophysics to Aboriginal Archaeology [PDF]

9 June: Dr Alan Williams
Puntutjarpa rock shelter revisited: A chronological and stratigraphic reappraisal of a key archaeological sequence for the Western Desert, Australia [PDF]

2 June: A/Prof Shawn Ross and Dr Adela Sobotkova
The Field Acquired Information Management Systems (FAIMS) eProject: Information infrastructure for reproducibility in field sciences [PDF]

26 May: Prof Richard Fullagar
Stone tools for breaking bones: the 130,000-year-old Cerutti Mastodon site, California [PDF]

19 May: Dr Patrick Faulkner
Exploitation of marine and terrestrial invertebrates as a window into coastal adaptations: Kuumbi Cave, Zanzibar [PDF]

12 May: Dr Kira Westaway
Extinction: the long and short of it [PDF]

28 April: A/Prof Mark Staniforth
Maritime Archaeology in Vietnam: recent research and developments [PDF]

7 April: Professor Richard Fullagar
Stone tool function, plant exploitation and foraging histories [PDF] 

23 March: A/Prof Tom Hillard and Dr Lea Bennes
Looking for the harbour of classical Torone: Underwater Exploration and Geophysical Prospection [PDF]

17 March: Dr Alex MacKay
After the Gold Rush: Recent archaeological work on the late Pleistocene of southern Africa [PDF]

10 March: Dr Vladimir Levchenko
Radiocarbon dating with Accelerator Mass Spectrometry [pdf]

3 March: Dr Floriana Salvemini
Nuclear techniques for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage [pdf]

13 February: Dr Paul Goldberg
New Geoarchaeological Views at the old Palaeolithic site of La Ferrassie, Dordogne, France [pdf]

10 February: Dr Eline Schotsmans
Taphonomy of human remains; analysing the dead and the depositional environment in archaeological and forensic contexts [pdf] 

Past Seminars 2016

28 Oct: Dr Duncan Wright
13 Oct: Justin Ledogar
23 Sept: Conor McAdamsYujie Guo
18 Aug: Professor Shari Forbes
5 Aug: Dr James Flexner
21 July: Dr Ben Marwick
9 June: Dr Robyn Inglis
27 May: Dr. Alison Crowther
26 May: Professor Bernard A. Wood
12 May: Dr. Sam Lin
4 Feb: Professor Lyn Wadley