Mike's Projects

Change and Continuity: Chronology, archaeology and art in the north Kimberley, northwest Australia

Project Change and continuity-   Working on when the first colonisation of our continent occurred, and how the first Australians responded to changes in climate, local environments and in situ processes.
-   Using a range of numerical dating techniques to obtain a more robust regional chronology for changes in Aboriginal land use, technology, economy and rock art.

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Mike Morwood, June Ross (University of New England) & Kira Westaway (Macquarie University)

Unlocking archives of faunal dispersal in rock deposits: the key to reconstructing palaeoenvironmental change and human dispersal in southeast Asia

Project Faunal dispersal-   Providing critical new insights into the timing of faunal dispersals and widespread environmental changes in southern China and Southeast Asia over the last 500,000 years.


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Kira Westaway (Macquarie University), Mike Morwood & Gert van den Bergh

In search of the first Asian hominins: Excavations in the Soa Basin of Flores, Indonesia

Project First Asian Hominids-   Establishing key fossil and behavioural evidence of early hominins in the Soa Basin on the eastern Indonesian island of Flores. 


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Mike Morwood, Adam Brumm & Gert van den Bergh

Mike Morwood's searchable publication list from 1984 to 2013 can be found here
Last reviewed: 23 August, 2018

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