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Mike Morwood's Research in Australia

MikeInAustMike began his archaeological career in Australia and New Zealand, and his involvement in Australian archaeology continued throughout his life. In 2012, Mike was awarded the Rhys Jones medal by the Australian Achaeological Association for his life-long commitment and contribution to archaeology in Australia.

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Mike Morwood at Liang Bua, Flores, and the Discovery of the Hobbit (Homo floresiensis)

MikeInLBThe most significant single find of Mike's career was that of LB1, the remains of a new species of human that would later be named Homo floresiensis. Mike coordinated the excavations which involved scores of researchers and local workers and re-wrote what we know about hominid evolution in Southeast Asia.

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Mike Morwood's Research Elsewhere in indonesia

MikeInIndoMike's research in Southeast Asia did not end at Liang Bua. For over a decade Mike conducted research across Indonesia; from Timor to Sulawesi and Java.



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The Impact of Mike Morwood's Research and Global Engagement

MikeImpactMike's research had a major impact across the globe and captured the public imagination.  He tirelessly promoted Indonesian archaeology and archaeologists to an international audience, including major public lecture tours in Japan and the United States of America as well as closer to home across Australia and New Zealand.

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Last reviewed: 23 September, 2013

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