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Since the announcement of Mike's passing, a number of touching pieces have been published through a range of avenues. A selection are can be found here:

Prof. Bert Roberts and Thomas Sutikna in Nature

Doug Hobbs, Prof. Claire Smith (Flinders University) and Harriet Veitch in The Sydney Morning Herald

Prof. Iain Davidson (University of New England) in The Guardian

Dr. Adam Brumm in The Times

Kate Wong in Scientific American through John Hawks' blog

Public lectures and interviews

In 2006, Mike presented a public lecture titled 'The Hobbit's Tale: Discovery, history and significance of a new human species'. The lecture, presented in Trieste, Italy describes the project which resulted in what the journal Science described as the scientific find of the century. The link to a recording of the lecture, courtesy of Professor Claudio Tuniz, can be found here.

In December 2012, Mike Morwood as well as CAS members Thomas Sutikna and Adam Brumm gave a talk at the Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand titled 'A newly discovered species of Little People - Unravelling the legend behind Homo floresiensis'. The link to a recording of the lecture can be found here

In February, 2013, a permanent display exhibiting the partial skeleton of Homo floresiensis in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Wollongong was unveiled. the UoW media team released a video of the unveiling featuring an interview with Mike Morwood as well as Thomas Sutikna of CAS. The video can be found here.

Last reviewed: 10 February, 2017

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