Professor Michael "Mike" Morwood

Mike Morwood face

Early on the morning of the 23rd of July, 2013, Prof. Mike Morwood, an incredibly highly regarded member of Centre for Archaeological Science, died.

A dedicated website has been developed and will be used as a memorial to Mike and the legacy he has left. Mike's memorial website can be found here.

Professional Profile
  • Qualifications: BA, MA (University of Auckland), PhD (ANU)

Key Research Interests
  • Human dispersal and evolution, especially in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Oceania.
  • The complexity of interaction between climate, people, plants and animals.
  • Culture contact and change.
  • Island evolution and biogeography.
  • Ethnoarchaeology, especially the role of symbolic behaviours in indigenous communities and the potential of art as a source of information about past ideology, social interactions and material culture. 


Last reviewed: 21 August, 2018