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The materials from which archaeological artefacts are made can be analysed using an ever-increasing variety of scientific and technical methods. Uniquely placed within the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences (SEES), CAS has access to, and expertise in, a wealth of scientific approaches and technologies to enhance our understanding of the form and function of items manufactured or used by ancient cultures. SEES facilities include instrumentation for optical and scanning electron  microscopy and 3-dimensional scanning of artefacts, Archaeochemistry together with Archaeochronometry expertise to investigate the age of artefacts and the chemical properties of attached residues.

Current research interests within CAS include use-wear and residue analysis of stone artefacts led by(Richard Fullagar), lithic analysis (led by Adam Brumm) and the analysis of mollusc shell as a raw material for artefact production (led by Kat Szabó). 

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Last reviewed: 1 November, 2017