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The Centre for Archaeological Science was established at UOW in 2010 to develop, integrate and apply modern scientific techniques to answer fundamental questions about human evolution and the analysis of material remains of past human life and activities.

Recent exciting discoveries and key projects led by CAS members have addressed the emergence of modern human behaviour in Africa, the worldwide dispersal of our species, the human colonisation of Australia and resulting impact on the native fauna, and the evolution and extinction of the so-called 'Hobbit' (Homo floresiensis) in Indonesia.

CAS is affiliated with the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences (SEES) and brings together researchers drawn from the physical, chemical, biological and geological sciences, in partnership with science-based archaeologists. It boasts world-class laboratory facilities for archaeological dating, archaeological chemistry, artefact and residue analysis, archaeobotany, zooarchaeology and palaeontology.

CAS members include established senior scientists and emerging young researchers leading projects that have attracted more than $5 million of competitive grant funding over the last 3 years and generated landmark publications in top-ranked interdisciplinary and specialist journals.

Most CAS members are full-time researchers, funded by the Australian Research Council, but we also teach the third-year subject "Dung, Death and Decay: modern scientific methods in archaeology" (EESC309) to expose undergraduate students to the latest research.

Our current Honours, Masters and Doctoral students are working on a variety of projects in Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia, often in partnership with other leading interdisciplinary organisations. Opportunities for new research students to become involved with CAS can be found here under Projects: Potential Research Opportunities

Last reviewed: 7 January, 2014