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The Mike Morwood Memorial Website

A dedicated website has been developed and will be used as a memorial to Mike and the legacy he has left. Visit Mike's memorial website.

Within the site are stories and anecdotes written by people who knew Mike well, several galleries of photos depicting images of Mike throughout his life and career as well as media and multimedia items centred on Mike (such as recordings of public lectures an obituaries).

If you wish to contribute something to the website, whether it be memories of Mike or photos, please contact kat@uow.edu.au

Facial Deconstruction with Nick Rheinberger

In a world first, Nick Rheinberger is getting his head "deconstructed". Facial Anthropologist Susan Hayes normally takes ancient skulls and puts faces on them, but as a teaching aid, she's taking Nick's head and turning it into a digital skull. The first part of the project is a series of hi-resolution photos of Nick's completely still and level head. Take a look at this time lapse

Journal of Archaeological Science - Special Edition co-edited by Dr Mike Morley and Professor Paul Goldberg

JAS SI Cover